Bobbie J. Gallagher, PhD, BCBA-D. – Dr. Bobbie Gallagher has worked in the field of autism since 1997, shortly after the two youngest of her three children were diagnosed with autism. Dr. Gallagher started out in the role of an advocate helping parents to attain services through the IEP process, and later began to work directly with families and children providing 1 to 1 ABA therapy in both home and clinic settings, while also getting her Master’s degree in Special Education.

It is through these experiences that she was hired by families, schools and agencies to train staff in the principles of ABA and teaching techniques designed to increase acquisition of skills and communication and decrease maladaptive behaviors in individuals with autism.

Dr. Gallagher continued her education and received a doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in an effort to learn more about the science of behavior analysis and how it can help with so much more than just challenging behaviors. Her more recent work has focused on the areas of sexuality and autism, and how anxiety affects those with autism.

Having spoke locally and nationally, Dr. Gallagher hopes to ensure accurate and evidence-based information regarding behavior analysis is available to all, while decreasing the myths and misconceptions. Hopefully opening the dialog needed for all to share and collaborate in order to help those that need our services.

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